i just had a new Aztech DSL605ER broadband modem installed in my network. im accessing internet at a faster rate now but the bill has skyrocketted due to unlimited downloads from the other users on the network. is there any way i can control or limit the downloads?

Have you set the network security for the wifi connection in the modem? Inside the modem there is some setting for Wireless LAN security. Read the pamphlet it will contain some information on how to setup the network security.

Yep, hide your access point, choose WPA2, or WPA2-PSK security, and set a decent keyword [several words, numbers].

Thanks, what about minimizing downloads? is there some software or internet setting that i can use to stop people from downloading large amounts of data without me knowing.

Not that I know of, at least per individual, connected machine. You can use your router settings to stop them associating with your access point [router], but then they will not be able to share with other computers on your network. Elaborate. Are these your co-workers, family, friends, or snoopers? The first bunch you just threaten to withold security, food or sex from, the snoopers you can try to block.

Nope. No software can do that unless you have total control of their PC and if you can see their computer in your Network neighborhood or in a network environment, and you are the network administrator than you can do something about it. But if it is someone tapping into your Wifi router than you have to set your Wifi connection security in your router or block them off totally. Or just dismantle the antennae and use a wire connection to your computer through the network interface card.