Any help from fellow DaniWebers would be appreciated,
I have a 3 yr old Compaq V2000 laptop. I recently installed a new hard drive on it and decided to install Vista Ultimate. I formatted the disk from within the Vista install. Worked fine for short time. Now the thing randomly sits dormant, or freezes. I cannot do anything. I can see and move the mouse, but I cannot select or click on anything. Then after 30 seconds or longer, everything bounces back. It happens like every few minutes.
I turned off the Windows Aero look and feel, and turned off hibernation and sleep modes as I heard these 3 things COULD be the problem.
Still have the problem. I heard Vista was inferrior to XP Pro, but disregarded because I thought I wanted Vista. I liked the gadgets and was sold by the eye candy. Bad move! Should have went with Windows 7, but did not want to upgrade all my software! Argh!! Vista Utimate .... Ultimately Sucks!!
I also purchased 2 GB of RAM, but have run tests on it and it passes all tests.
Ran AVG Web security, no Viruses, no Adware, no Spyware.

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This is probably a problem with conflicting software or hardware, if the problem occured after you installed something like antivirus software this may be the conflicting application otherwise the only way you can find the problem would be to use the error logs.

Click start > right click my computer > select manage > click event viewer > start with the windows logs and see if there are logs that correspond to the time you had the problem look for red X's.

If you still ahve no luck format again backup your computer using Dmaielr Backup from or another free product first.

But this time dont install everything in one go try to see how long it works fin for and what application you install that causes the problem you can do this by installing one application per day.

good idea, totally did not think about te logs. I have not sen a bis issue since turnng off the aero theme stuff. But it still hangs on occassion. Next time it hic'ups I will note the time and search the logs.

Interesting you mention that aero uses heaps of RAm maybe you dont have enought generally 2gb is enough but it depends the speed of the ram and what you are using the pc for.

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