Hope someone might have had this problem before.

My XP install refused to boot (including safe mode) or repair.

I installed a new (additional) hd and reinstalled XP (professional) on that drive.

Boot off of new drive
Log in as administrator
Access old (XP corrupt) drive. No problem

I can access all of the files in "all users" but not for a particular user, using either explorer or dos.
Access is denied to all of the sub folders of that user (my old account)

Any advice on recovering the files held under that user names desktop folder?

All advice welcome
Thanks in advance!


Thats called a password protected account. You'll need to login as administrator (not adminstrative rights, administrator) and change the ownership of the protected account to whoever you want to have access to it. To do this, you'll need to display the security tab (by default, not enabled in XP Pro.. DUR?? anyway...). Go into Windows Explorer, Tools>Folder Options>View, and take the checkmark out of Use Simple File Sharing (all the way at the bottom) and click apply. Hit the button Apply to all folders and ok. Now you can navigate to the protected user account folder, right click and go to security. Click the advanced tab, go to owners, and I think you get the idea. Hope this helps.