I have had this pc for about 4 months and it has had nothing but problems, and has been back to the shop 4 times. The makers (A&D Computers) just won't help me anymore.

When ever I try making a VCD or copying a CD on to the computer or even on AOL my computer will restart. I can some times work for 4-5 hours with no problems and other times its 1-2 mins.

The computer has had the following thinks replaced by A&d.

Power pack, after it Blow,

Hard drive,

Mother board

And the video card. It was a Nvidia Ge-force 4

But still it has the problem.

I just to not know what to do. Window error reporting says its a device driver. But which one i do not know.


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Can you look under your device manager to see what the conflicts are and repost?

If no conflicts, you could be over-heating or have a virus.


The computer is crashing because of a hardware error mostlikely .
You need to set computer so it doesn't reboot but shows a blue screen error so we can search it to find the culpert.to do this right click mycomputer go to properties /advanced /startup and recovery/settings ,in systen failure area uncheck ,Automatc Restart and check to write and event to the system log .

I had a problem like this with a computer I made for someone who then put XP on it.

I originally put Win2Kpro on the machine and it was completely stable.

When they put XP on, about once every hour or so it would restart for no reason at all!

It is caused by a setting in XP that if the OS becomes unstable, instead of doing a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) like they used to in the good ol days of 9x it sets the machine to reboot instead, which usually cures the problem.

XP being a dodgy and as yet not properly Beta tested operating system, it is not surprising you are having this prob! - Would recommend putting 2000 pro with service pack 4 on instead, and your troubles will probably go away, otherwise there is a setting to turn this function off, however your PC will probably just blue screen instead then!!!!

XP = Xtremely Poor!!!

XP = Xtremely Poor!!! Yes and no ! my verson works just fine ,2 yrs now and i don't recall it ever having a shutdown problem all my bsod were caused by me playing with hardware !!:)

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