hi all nice forum he is my problem im running winxp-pro on a network evertime i start my comp it loads up but i cant access anything untill at least a couple of mins then they load up as normal...i did a limination of services by unchecking everything thats in there then 1 by one enabling them back on i got to network connections enabled it restarted and i got the delay again then i disabled it once more restarted then everything loaded up as it should....any ideas on this would be great....


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uninstall TCP/IP, restart, install TCP/IP, restart. Little more info could help, ethernet or wifi? Router, Hub, topology (i.e. star, token ring, etc...) also, make sure your on the same domain, you might try switching from DHCP to a static IP temporarily to see if that might be the problem, might also be another machine with the same IP if running static, might be a machine with the same machine name, etc... The more info you give on your network setup the better, even brands and model #'s of hardware being used, etc...

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