I have a Dell 1525 running Vista and as I am typing on the keyboard the cursor skips all over the place. It is so random I have to contiually watch what I am typing and bring back the cursor to where I am typing. What is the problem? I am not touching the touchpad. I am running Norton360 and have not had any viruses that I know of.

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This problem is not normally a virus, rare virus's can do this but it is rare, This fault is common on laptop, Mostly seen on Dells fuuny enough and the 1545 and dell inspiron 1525, dell 1545 and dell 15 this i have seen the most. Its basically a faulty keyboard, The most common cause why the dell 1525 laptop keyboard which we have seen is when juice, milk, wine, coffee has been spilt on the keyboard, Although it looks like cursor or touchpad fault it is in fact a your dell 1525 keyboard that is faulty, simply replace the keyboard and end of problem, we have fixed this problem many times in our shop. We sell many dell keyboards and send them out as standard on next day delivery for you, all are brand new and original find us at [removed]

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