while attempting to set up first ever "network" between desktop and laptop, I renamed desktop computer and changed "domain name' to something else, thinking i would remember them better...didn't touch passwords.
Desktop (p3 512 mb Dell) runs xp pro, and used to be my son's work computer, so was set up for home networking to his work (but that had been disabled.)

big oops...now I can't get past login page...tried every word I would have used for desktop, all with original pasword, can't get in.
I hit f8 during boot but found that there was no earlier version to boot to.

what do I do now - Do I have to reformat and reinstall os?

thanks, maddy

have you tried safe mode ,and change things back

same problem, caperjack...wants user/password

need a way to access without user/password


hye maddy, it's been a few years, did you ever figure this out. i have the same problem

hye maddy, it's been a few years, did you ever figure this out. i have the same problem

Well, i know sometimes you can go into safe mode and use the administrator as username and the password blank. this will default in safe mode to where you can take out password feature and then start a new password in accounts. once down restart in normal mode and it should work. There is third party software out there that does the same thing to recover this, but that does cost a price for such software. Try this to see if this does anything.

Hi Teksupport and welcome to Daniweb,
You have answered a thread that is very old (Sept 28th, 2006) I don't think they need the assistance now.

This is actually the problem I am having with my computer! But I never set up a password.... it just needs one now. How do I get past it. The link that #4 posted doesn't work. Help!

Hi and welcome to Daniweb,
You have also hijacked a very old thread, it is not the policy of Daniweb to help posters access computers by bypassing passwords. We don't know if they honestly have lost your password or you are trying to access a machine they have no right to use. I am sure that you are not doing that but if I told you how to access this machine, others could read this post and use that information. Sorry that we can not help you, I hope you understand.

I totally understand! Sadly, this does not help me! It is my computer and I have had it since about 2003 and never set up a password. When I moved it to my fiance's house, it needed a password. Is there somewhere you can 'send' me that can help! Thanks,

I too am in the same position. I have an old Win2K machine that I just pulled out of the closet from '02 and I cant seem to get my original p/w correct.

I understand the liability, but certainly there must be a legitimate source for this information outside of public scrutiny.


OK, a little time searching, reading and living on the edge of wasting my time......here ya go for the next person to stumble onto this thread.

(be careful, you may be told it is old...)

Here is where I started:

Next I downloaded this (use the "live version":

I burned the ISO image to a cd.
Followed the instructions during boot warm up to enter the BIOS and set the boot order to start with the CDrom.
PC booted from CD, 4 minutes 50 seconds later I had the info I needed to enter my old machine.


Hi Renntag,
If you read my earlier post you will see where and why I told the OP that we do not assist people here in accessing a machine that is password protected. Do you personally know that this poster is the owner of the machine he want help accessing? By posting your information here for all to read, you are allowing anyone that wants to access someone's computer the knowledge to do so. I know all this information is available out there but, the policy of Daniweb is not to assist in obtaining that information.
How would you feel if someone uses the information you posted to access your computer, read all your sensitive information then delete personal files you need.

I again, totally understand Daniweb's rules and I by all means don't want anyone to get into trouble, but on the other hand... I totally resent the fact that there are so many bad people out there that make it so that I have to pay a hundred dollars to access my own computer. I appreciate the help but i think i am just going to have to suck it up to pay someone... just for pictures and music!

Not sure how to edit my post. Please feel free to delete if it has violated a site policy.

Thank you.

Hi Teksupport and welcome to Daniweb,
You have answered a thread that is very old (Sept 28th, 2006) I don't think they need the assistance now.

oh please.....

5th attempt to post this. <beats head against wall>

I still do not know how to delete my post (or if the site admin has granted that permission). I am willing to do so as it was not my intent to violate a site policy, but rather to help others.

Granted, my short sight in the matter is clear after the fact.

Flame suit on.

oh please.....

Can we help you in any way? Please start a new thread and supply a lot more information.

I still do not know how to delete my post

It is too late to do anything about it now, but now you know the situation, I was just pointing out the rules for posting here.

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