hello friends..i need some help here..

my os is windows seven,and i installed linux for a educational matter.then when i boot the computer i had to choose the os from the grub.And today morning i formatted the partition which is linux installed.then i unable to boot from windows seven.After that i installed windows seven to the partition which is formatted.now i'm using that one.But i still unable to boot into my old windows seven .here's the problem.. .how can i recover the old seven and boot into it..please somebody help me..

the C: {marked as (2)} is the new windows seven
D:{marked as (1) is my old windows seven}


Have you given EasyBCD a go?
This should rewrite the bootloader. You will be able to add an entry to the bootloader for the old Win 7 installation allowing you to boot that OS. You can keep the new installation aswell; this will give you a dual boot system, even though it is the same OS. You may get rid of the new installation if you want after.

- Let us know how it goes

- Let us know how it goes.