I reformatted my brothers computer for him as it was running very slow and had lots of malware etc.

He didn't tell me at the time to backup his emails, so I reformatted it and installed Windows 7 on it again.

Is there any programs out there that can recover these emails in outlook for me?

Or is there any other suggestions as he had some important files in it.


Outlook stores all your information in a file called outlook.pst that's located inside the users profile (ie C:\Documents and Settings\Username\) you can use a program like Ontrack Easy Recovery to scan the drive for files deleted in the format and you MIGHT find it

Try this, go to your brothers internet provider web site and log on to the e-mail storage. His regular e-mail log on and pass word should get him access all e-mails up to limits of storage capacity should be there. trash and all. Later---

Uh....Many recovery tool can do this. I used a free one, Data Recovery Wizard Free edition can free recover formatted partition, including email. And easy recovery is also good. Both great!

Data Recovery Wizard is good.