My laptop..any time rate from ...maybe 30 mins to 3 hours..or so. random time it'll freeze..for like 10 seconds..then it goes black..all black..programs still running..but my screen is black. I can't do nothing but only press power button off then back on..then it keep doing it over and over again. how can i solve this problem? Please respond this thread ASAP.

Your thoughts will be appreciated. Thanks!

Satellite L455D
3.1 Windows Experience Index
AMD Sempron(tm) SI-42 2.10 GHz
2.00GB (1.75 usable)
32-bit Operating System
No Pen or touch Input.

and this laptop is less than a year old..and was sent to FEDEX/UPS for repair 3 times..because its doing the same thing..and they didn't fix anything at all.

One main reason for this to happen is when your laptop overheats. It seems to still be running but is actually in the process of hibernating. When you turn the computer back on, do you get a notification that it was because of overheating? I have a similar experience on my laptop and is usually because of overheating. check the vents of they are clear of dust and dirt.

Hi oalee, you have revive a zombie thread for a third time