I'm very new to the computer .so please look over my mistakes. I was looking around on the computer and found something that wanted to check some file. I guess I click ok but this is what I got checking file system on C:

then it went to another line
chkosk verifying files (1of 5)

cheching kdsk is verifing indexs stage 2of 5
verifying security descriptors 3of 5

file data 4of 5

free space 5of 5

I was looking at my profile and a lot of my info is missing how do I update it.

now that I got this info what do I do with it ?

should I run this again at a later date?

did I some something I was not suppose to do?

You have run the disk checking program that comes with windows and that is a good thing to do every now and then to check your disk.
You say that you are missing information, what info is missing and how do you know?

You should be used search Results program, it built in O/S.
window key + F is a shortcut . And you must be click on ''All files and folder '' and type name of file search you want. It will help you , and searching your information.