i was using xp and then i installed win 7 , the installation went fine, but when it got completed, the xp option is not coming at the startup and the win 7 is running by default , although win 7 was installed on different drive

When you install to a different drive it can cause problems with the MBR. Download easyBCD and edit the MBR to add XP and you should be good.

There was a program that was made for Mac users to switch between macosx and windows xp os's called bootcamp. You could always search the net for a similar program for windows users.

Also have you tried pressing F8 continuosly on startup and choosing to run in command prompt? or looking around in the startup settings for a os startup? Hope this helps it's kind of hard to explain.

Download easyBCD and edit the MBR to add XP - hope it helps :)

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i installed the EasyBCD 2.0 program to let me see the list of OS's installed on the machine but when i want to startup win XP the computer failed to boot win XP , so what's wrong and how to solve it ?


Did you rewrite the MBR?
EasyBCD lets you adjust the MBR and you can back it up and then write the MBR to disk; it won't make any changes until you write the new one to disk.

- Let us know how it goes.

Hi, No i didn't rewrite the MBR , but how to rewrite the MBR to solve the problem . thanks.