When I tried to install an HP printer, why i dont see the printer icon in devices and printers but when i tried to print from any application, i can see the printer from the printer list. It only happens on windows 7 OS only.

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did you install updated win7 drivers for the printer

tell us how you installed the printer. HP's installer or Win 7 built-in drivers?

also tell us the model # of the printer

Try to update your Windows 7 as well.

Maybe the device was removed from the software drivers viewer in control panel -> administrators tools.

Begin by checking if your computer is turned on, you can do so by clicking the on switch, usually located on the front of the CPU.

One would assume that it is turned on, as the OP has stated that he cannot see the icon in devices and printers.
Please engage the brain before putting the fingers into gear.

This is a little bit embarrassing, thats the only information i could provide on this topic though.

As the OP has not returned, I can only assume he posted just to expose his signature, so it's pretty well moot anyway.

they probably haven't replied because they don't know how to turn their computer on!! luckily i have helped them in their time of need :)

Thankfully, not everybody is as dumb as you seem to think they are. Hopefully he had the PC turned on when he posted here :icon_rolleyes:

I'm guessing you are on day release? :)

hahaha Classic! i believe thats what you would call a slam dunk, well played. :)


i guess posting here is easier to do when the PC is turned on XD

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