Hey Guyz I am currently using :-

1. WINDOWS 7 32bit x86 intel
2. WINDOWS XP SP2 2002 32bit x86 intel


Model : 531B
Splitter : 4KHz

The Problem :-

1. There was no problem till today morning...I faced some problems after 12am today..
2. All the chat clients like SKYPE, and File sharing softwares like UTORRENT sitting on my system are working but there is a problem surfing the net...
3. The problem is quite strange ..
4. Same is happening with other systems running Win7..
5. I have genuine KASPERSKY sitting on my system...So according to my understanding there is no virus or malware...

Please Suggest me some solutions as the net is the main source of work for me nowadays .

Thanking You

The first thing that comes to mind is the firewall on your computer. It is easy to accidentally tell the darn thing to block access to the web. I suggest you temporarily turn off your firewall and see if that helps. If it does, then look into its settings and see if it has blocked http service or blocked your web browser program.

I would try another web browser to eliminate the possibility that it is just the browser program having a problem.

Are you experiencing the same problem with the XP computer as well? If so, it suggests a problem with the router. If you can access your router's setup page through your web browser, look for a "renew" button (likely in the "status" area). Renewing your connection to your service provider may well fix the problem.

It would be interesting to know if it is a DNS problem. You might try running "Command" from the start menu to get a DOS window, then trying to ping web servers. For example, you could enter
PING and see if you get an answer.
Then try PING www.3gart.com and see if you get an answer.
(I picked something obscure that won't be cached on your system)
If you get a return from the numeric address, but not the www one, then you likely have a problem with DNS.

While you are in the DOS window, you might try entering the command
This will renew your computer's connection to your router, perhaps clearing up a problem there.

Post your findings and I'm sure the folks here will help!

Could be simply a proxy server box check. Check you IE Tools and see if that box is checked.

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