Hi guys, does anyone knows a software that can automatically get files on the workstation and copy to the server?

or any script to do this task?

any ideas is greatly appreciated... :)

I think windows briefcase can, folder redirect with file sync. Is it on a domain?

yes, i'm on a domain..i'm currently looking to make a vbscript to accomplish this..but any ideas is welcome...

thanks freshfitz..i'll try the briefcase...

You mean you want to have a backup of the data on your user computers to a certain location on the network?

Its good that your using a domain environment, you have different options to use:

1) You can have a linkstation device(Network Storage Device) on your Network that could be used as a backup for the data.

2) Or you can have an online backup service that is what mostly is preferred by Companies since it doesnot put the load on your local network and all the data is stored online.

3) Or you can simply map the drive of your Server on the computers within your local network so that you can copy your data from your computer to the drive of the Server (Making a backup) which is a manual process but its cost free. You can make changes in the data of your computer and save it on your Servers drive.

It would be better if you give the configuration of your Computers and Servers within your network infrastructure,so that we can provide a much better suggestions.

thanks guys for your help, a simple vb script accomplish this task... :)