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Hmm... looks like some nice IE tools, but I've been avoiding IE as much as possible lately, except to make sure my web pages are compatible.....

However, have any of you checked out the Developer Tools extension to FireFox????

As a part-time web-designer, who tries to stick to standards and design high-compatibility sites, I have found those tools to be immensely wonderful...

Things like modifying CSS on the fly... DTD validations (online & upload)... disable Java or CSS or cookies on the fly.... examine http headers.....browse the DOM.... graphically identify element boundaries... and a lot more.... alll for FREE!

These are one of the best utility sets out there that I have seen in a long time, and I haven't seen much discussion around here (at least not yet) about FireFox, much less Opera (which I prefer over the other two, but still swear by FireFox when designing). So if you do any web design, you really should check them out:

Web Developer Tools 0.9.3

Hope no one considers this spamming, since it is free, and I don't get anything for it... just was hoping to share some cool tools with a cool crew. :cheesy:


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