not to sure if this is exactly whre i post...but I am having trouble finding updates for the ATI Raedion 9200 card....I went to the ATI website and searched but couldnt find anything....so I googled it. And of course I found tons of sites offering updates. But just getting my computer BACK from a deadly hard drive crash, I'm VERY careful where I go and what I download. Any ideas?

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The catalyst 5.7 driver is what your after (I checked the release notes)

This is the link for XP


For other OS, use this link


Select OS, then select RADEON


EDIT: Note, best practice is to uninstall old drivers in Safe mode, reboot, then install new drivers in normal mode, ignoring any new hardware wizards


Although im not technically illiterate...im not exactly suave either. Uninstalling in safe mode kinda scares me....haha


It's not essential, it's just best practice. Boot into safe mode, pressing F8 lots at POST (Power on self Test, this is the bit before Windows logo's appear).

Select Safe Mode from the list, and it will boot into a dodgy resolution version of Windows, with lots of file locations streaming down the screen on boot up.

Once in Safe mode, right-click my computer and select properties, go to the Hardware Tab, then "Device Manager".

This will list all components as an expandable menu. Expand Display adapters, and you will have one, or two listed, that are your Video Card name. Right click the top one, and select uninstall. Follow the process, and repeat on the second one if it remains. Reboot, and go into Windows normally. When any new hardware wizards appear, press cancel, and install the new drivers downloaded normally. It will ask to reboot, and thats it done.

As I said though, its not essential, just best practice for best performance.

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