I have win xp pro sp2 installed on a Dell 2350. Recently, my desktop has refused to load and i have to run everything from the task manager. Is there a way to replace the needed files without reinstalling windows :?:

Try to see if you can manually load the shell. When you run a program, try to run "explorer.exe". Let me know if you get the shell to load that way.

will not load explorer.exe at all can run all programs from task manager

Are you able to get Explorer to load by going into Safe Mode?

Have you checked to see if Explorer is currently running in the "Processes" tab? If it's in there, end the process, and try running Explorer again.

It appears in the processes tab, I have tried that fix to no avail. I will add that i can change my background and bring any program up on what used to be my desktop; just no icons, shortcuts, taskbar or start menu will show.

Try running the following:

sfc /scannow

I found that it's supposed to repair/replace system files. Maybe that will help you out.

i have windows 2000 an get past logon, says computer is locked, but loads my wallpaper but no desktop icons or my start button / taskbar ??? any help ?