I have a Toshiba PSLV6U-00J001 laptop and i have had it for around a year. It just started freezing up for the past month (exept for in safe mode). It freezes everytime i turn it on around 1-2 mins. after i log-in to my user on the computer. the only way that i can shut it off after it freezes is to force shut it down by pulling out the battery. Please Help!!!

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hi, one year old ,maybe a heat problem ,do you keep it cleaned using a can of compressed air to clean the fan and heatsinc may help ,helps with the 3 we have here,and others that i do for family and friends

Aside from overheating your problem may be a computer virus. I would suggest that you install Avira and Avira Updates and then scan your computer. This may or may not help your problem but it certainly can't hurt.

Can you do AV scans in safe mode? Do you have an ATI chipset? My Mum has one and it causes the laptop to freeze alot.

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