Have you tried formatting the drive through the windows utility and then try to install 7 onto it?
Do you have a Windows XP CD? You could also try formatting it with that.

yeah i tried format it like that, and i dont have a windows xp disc for now :(

this hurts = http://i51.tinypic.com/2ewo50z.gif

and i saved it as gif by mistake -_-, the hdd is making my computer look crap lol


Mines only 7.5 :(

FYI. 5.9 is a good score. I get that when running a VelociRaptor drive. The SSD's certainly raise the bar.

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lol caperjack, that do make me feel better,

crunchie if i had a SSD, my score should be about 7, windows score goes on the lowest score, all my stuff is 7+ except the hard disk :( soi got 5.9

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