OK, so I'm just about ready to tackle the dreaded reinstall of the O/S on my chronically disfunctional P3 650 that currently has Win98se installed. I've been reassured by good folks like you that this is the way to go. I have a Microsoft version of Win98se and I also have a copy of the WinXP installation CD.

Question 1: Which should I use? 98se or XP?

Question 2: How do I do it? It has been loosely explained to me but not to the point where I am anywhere near confident. I need a tutorial, or someone to explain to me exactly what to do. Words like "fdisk" and "partition", etc.. are new to me and might as well be in another language. I need to know specifically what to do and when to do it. Once I get into this, it may be difficult to access your support.

Question 3: If all goes well, should I add more RAM? I have 128mb now. If so, how much?, and which one? There seem to be a bunch of different types of RAM when I see it advertised at the local stores.

Thanks so much for your time. This is scary stuff for me. I definitely couldn't do it without you.

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The amount of RAM you have is barely sufficient to run XP. For decent performance, you need a minimum of 256 MB. Also, your processor is just about OK. I'd suggest you go for a new machine altogether.

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