hey all, i need to be able to edit and add file formats on my terminal server and even when i'm logged in as local admin, everything is still grayed out. i got a registry hack for it because i've been told the file format CAN NOT be changed through the UI. so i tried the reg hack and it still didn't work. any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.

What file formats? What version of Windows?
The more specifics you can give us about your configuration and the problem you're having, the faster we'll be able to help.

under folder options, in the "file types" tab, we already have the .tiff file extiension and need to add .tif. i don't care whether it's there or not but we have users that just don't understand they can right click on the file and rename it to .tiff so it would be easier if i just added that file extiension as an option. Windows 2000 terminal server. thanks.

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