Ok, so the other day, my password(I am an administrator) somehow was changed. I do not know how. That is not important. I need to be able to view every users password using a limited account. Even the administrator's password(which is me). I am using windows vista. Please don't tell me to go to cmd and type in "net user Administrator *" this does NOT work. It says system error 5, access is denied.

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You have to have admin privledges to do what you want to do. It's a security thing. Security would be severly breached if just anyone could view passwords.

You seem to have a lot of interest in finding passwords. Your requests elsewhere for code that will reveal user login/password details by inserting a USB thumb drive, now you have forgotten your admin password.

Please read the DaniWeb rules, especially the Keep It Legal section regarding asking for help with hacking activity.

I am "keeping it legal". I had accidentally reset it using CMD using a new command /random. I was looking for an alternative to paying the $110 i just did. Thanks.

I am "keeping it legal".

That is decided by Daniweb rules, not the members. We have no way of knowing that a member who posts for various passwords is, in fact, the owner of said PC they want the password to.

This is not possible. You won't be able to view other user passwords using any latest MS Windows Operating System. You must have administrative privileges on the machine to CHANGE others' passwords. Windows does not allow "viewing" of passwords even if logged as an administrator. You will be able to "change" passwords but not "view" other passwords. You must have a good keylogger software undetected by an antivirus to do this but ethically speaking, this is unauthorized and/or illegal.

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