So I'm all set to reinstall Win98se on my P3 650. According to the tutorial, the first thing I must do is to get into the BIOS thing as the computer boots up. So I press 'del' as it starts up. It takes me to a blue DOS screen that is titled:
One of the options on this screen is BIOS FEATURE SETUP.
I'm thinking this is the right place.
Here's the problem. On top of this blue screen is a small red window asking me to ENTER PASSWORD:. I don't have a password. I tried everything I could possibly think of. I don't recall ever putting in a password. I have a list of all the passwords, usernames, etc. I've ever used for anything. There's nothing there for this.
Is there another way to get the computer to 'boot from the CD-ROM drive'??
I'm stalled out before I've even gotten started.
Help please

You could try pressing F11. Some BIOSes display a list of available bootable devices when you press this and allow you to choose an alternate boot device.

If this does not work, you could try clearing the CMOS. Open your computer and locate the battery on the mainboard. Pop it out and keep aside for 30 minutes. Reinsert the battery and power on the system. You will get an error like "BIOS checksum error. Defaults loaded." Now you can enter setup and change the BIOS options.

Some mainboards have a BIOS reset jumper / switch. Refer to your motherboard manual to see if your mainboard has such a jumper.