I'm using windows 2000 here, and mobile intel(R) 945GM express chip set family.
we just stop this desktop 4 days ago, when we come back the next day, switch it on, it was booting normally but after the windows 2000 logo the monitor turns black and say " check the connection cable". after sometimes trying rebooting the system still the same problem persist so i tried in safe mode and it works then i tried also in vga mode it also work well. i tried chkdsk in safe mode the same problem appear, i check if I cold restore it from previous restore point, i found out that win 2000 does'nt have this option or maybe it does have i just don't know where to find it?

can some body help me? i'm willing to listen here.
thanks in advance


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my suggestion is to go safe mode with networking ,download updated drivers for your video
then uninstall you video device drivers in safe mode ,boot to regular mode if it boots ok ,then install you new updated drivers

I would like to thank you for your reply but so sorry also for taking me too long to reply, I just opened my email today. About my problem I already solved it, on our desktop, it has two hard disk I think the second hard disk were being used as a back up or mirror. What I did is swapped hd1 to hd2. This solved the problem.

Again thank you and I'm sorry.

your welcome ,no problem ,,good luck

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