Help. Anyone have this problem before? I have completed a reinstall of Windows Vista Home Premium. I have performed all of the updates and have installed service pack 2. However, I want to adjust my screen resolution, but when I get to the screen resolution page and attempt to adjust the slider nothing happens. I am unable to interact so I am unable to adjust the resolution. If you have encountered this, can you please point me in the right direction. Thank You in advance.

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did you install drivers for the video device ,vista may have just install the basic default driver, check device manager to see what it has listed foe video device ,if it just basic ,go to web site of computer maker for proper drivers .you will need make and model # of you computer if its a brand name and not a custome build ,company like Dell or Compaq /HP /Emachine /Gateway ect ect


I had a similar problem with Windows 7, were the screen saver, and hibenation settengs would not respond at all. In Windows help I found my solution......If you have a wireless mouse and it is not installed properly, it could cause such issues......

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