Does anyone have any experience with this sort of problem. The PDA is an HTC P3470. The GPS seems to plot the position a mile away and does so over a few seconds before returning to the correct position.

Some say it might be radio interference from the 3G network that disrupts the GPS signal.

There is no way on this PDA to turn the 3G off and force it onto GSM - or is there?

Please help.

If my SE PDA phone is anything togo by, the first thing that happens is that the software goes to 3G/GPRS to locate you relative to their nearest mast. Then the satellites are picked up and the correct location jump is made.

In that way, if you lose satellite visibility, you'll always be located relative to the nearest 3G/GPRS mast.

I agree with Suspishio. It seems like your GPS software is unable to lock on to the GPS satellites and keeps falling on Cell tower triangulation. Try rebooting your device and see if that helps. I know it did on my HTC Touch Diamond

Are you using Google Maps or a different software?

Hi goldeagle2005,

Thanks for the reply. No they are not Google maps they are Tom Tom. Rebooting only help for a few minutes and then reverts to this funny behavior.