When I send emails I get a warning message that some errors occured carrying out the requested task, click for details, When I do there are non shown. The Email is recieved at the other end, but the message stays in my outbox and is repeatedly sent.. Any ideas out there

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Hi deefer, and welcome to Daniweb.

I think, your problem can be a space problem in your send items folder. It may be full, as far as I can remember, there is a restriction of about 2GB set in outlook express for send folder.

What happens now, is that there may be no room for the email in your outbox, to go and sit in the send box after sending, resulting in it keep on sending while it stays in the outbox, and the error is, it cannot move to the full send box.

I may be wrong with this, but you can easily check, by moving some of the messages in your sendbox to a new folder, or deleting some of them you don't need, and then see if it made room for the message in your outbox.

Remember, also to empty deleted items regularly.

If that test solved your problem, I reccomend you read the next link properly, and carry out those instructions for proper maintenance on your outlook express.


Hope this works, and good luck, let us know!

Thank you for your response kraai, I have moved sent stuff to a new file but unfortunatly the problem is still there. I was not aware of the consequences of storing stuff in default folders. Thank you for making me aware. I am a 67 year silver surfer so it is a steep learning curve for me.

Deefer, look at my avater, now that is beyond silver surfer status :)

Just to make sure, that the new folder you created to move stuff into, is not part of the outlook express default folder space restriction in an overall manner, is there any send mails that you feel you can delete completely, and also from your deleted items folder? If so, please delete all you can, and see if this freed up some space.

Problem solved, I have just spent ages deleting stuff going back to 2007. Thanks again Kraai for your input. I was near to an RSI episode after that lot. But it has taught me a valuable lesson. DO THE HOUSEWORK.

That is good news, glad it worked out for you. I just hope you haven't deleted stuff you going to need again. Next time, you may want to save some of those emails on your harddrive before deleting, just for incase you need them again.

Good luck.

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