Still cant resolve this problem-- tecra 8100 with sony crx700e cdrw drive. IDE1 error message upon bootup- reinstall the drive and it will work fine... only NOT on orig bootup.
Common sense tells me if the drive works after reinsertion there has to be a fix.
OS is WINXP professional. Bios is version 2.5 ( latest release)
WHy would windows see the drive AFTER reinsertion but not before?
Drive works fine after reinsertion-- its just annoying
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Hi there. The reason it works in windows is because the 8100 has a plug and play kind of bios. As soon as windows has started it just controls everything in the laptop and therefore windows recognizes your drive, even though the toshiba bios does not. I have the same problem, and I'm also looking for the answer.

There are a lot of people on this forum claiming that soldering pin 45 and 47 together is the solution. I have not tried it yet but I will soon. Maybe then I will get rid of the error as well. :rolleyes:

soldering pin 45 and 47 together really works. DVD-CDRW drive works perfectly now.

A Toshiba tech support person just told me that I should set my optical drive to Slave. That the hard drive and the optical drive share an IDE controller. Since it is difficult to change the setting of my optical drive, I wonder if I change the hard drive to Slave if it will work?

were do I find a diagram to show me the cdrom drive pin numbers??