I have had no problem with RealPlayer10 that I couldn't fix since I installed it, but I can't seem to fix this one.

You know how when you tell the RP to open a file it sorts the files by name, type, etc? Mine suddenly started sorting them by type, instead of the name it has been all along, and I can't for the life of me get it to go back sorting by name. I tell it to sort by name, but if I choose a different folder or close out the "open" window it goes back to sort by type.

Also if I come back to the folder I told it to sort by name it's back to sort by type - even though I haven't closed the window. I don't know how to get it back to sort by name, and I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing has worked.

If you have any info that might help, I would love to know it.


Try this (from real player 10 help)

Searching My Library
You will, over time, acquire a large library of clips in RealPlayer. My Library Search helps you quickly find any of your clips.

To perform a search
Enter a search term or terms into the Search Library field
(located in the upper-right corner of the My Library page).

Click or press [ENTER] to start the search.

The search will be based on the last search method that was selected in the Advance Search (see below).

Note: When entering multiple search terms, separate words with spaces only. Do not use commas.

Search results are displayed in the Library display area.

Note: This function will search only for clips that are already in My Library. To Search for media on the Internet, use the Internet search for function, available in the Search page and the Real Guide page.

Search Term
A search term is usually a word or short phrase. Library Search will look for media clips that contain all the search terms in their Clip Info (artist, album, clip name, etc.), unless another search method is selected in the Advanced Search options (see below). Multiple search terms can also be combined with the following modifiers:

Note: Search terms are NOT case sensitive.


quotation marks
Searches for an exact phrase match to the search term, including spaces and punctuation.(For example: "it's time" is not the same as "its time".)

Without quotations, each word will be included as a separate term (For example: it's time will include all songs that have either "it's" or "time" in their information).

+ (plus)
Search term must appear in Clip Info. All other clips are excluded from the search. (For example: +time will include only clips that have the word "time" in the Clip Info.)

- (minus)
Excludes all clips that have the search term in Clip Info. (For example: -"in time" excludes all clips that contain the phrase "in time" in the Clip Info.)

: (colon)
Indicate a specific column in the Clip Info to make a match. (For example: format:.MP3 will include only MP3 formatted clips.)

Starting an Advanced Search
On the Music & Library page, click to the right of the Search Library field to display the advanced search fields. Enter information into the following areas and click to start a search:


Search Method:
Select a method of matching search term(s) to Clip Info.

Searches for an exact phrase match to search terms, including spaces and punctuation. (Quotation marks not needed.)

Looks for matches containing all the search terms.

Looks for matches with any search term.

(Default) Same as All but matches do not have to be whole words. For example, the search term "ation" will match clips with "temptation," "inspiration," or "nation" in the Clip Info. (Quotation marks not needed in search.)

Search all Clip Info/Properties
Select to enable. Includes all text information in the Clip Info database when searching for matches.

Starts the search. Clips that match the search will be listed in the Media Browser display area.

Note: Once the results of a search have appear as a list of clips, they can be sorted by clicking on any of the column headers in the Media Browser display area. The Search Results page is saved until a new search is performed, and can be viewed in the Organizer.

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