Dear Techies,

Well, My internet explorer(v.6) for some inexplicable reason seems to be shutting down by itself. After i load the explorer, i roughly get 10 seconds before it dissappears. I am running Norton Internet Security 2004, XP pro and P4 2.6 with 1GB RAM, please help as i can't seem to be able to browse anymore!!! I have run Norton Antivirus which detects no viruses, time to time i get a window wanting to debug and another window popps up with the following in the address line: c:WINNT\Cache329\t_b_509900.htm. I do not know if the later two are related to the Explorer shutting down or not but just thought I mention it. Please advise.........all the best Shibaji:cry:

Re sumitted to see if anyone had a solution as I am still unable to browse. Thanks....

First of all try emptying your cache. Then install 3 programs, Adaware 6.181, Spybot Search & Destroy 1.2, Spywareblaster. Get adaware from , Spybot from & spywareblaster can be reached from within Spybot. Open spybot, go to immunise & there is a link to javacools software, click on that & download the program. All of these are free & need to be updated on a regular basis. The first two programs are spyware removing programs, the last prevents spyware from installing itself on your computer. Once installed, update the programs & run them. It is safe to delete whatever is found as a backup is made. In spybot, on the check page, make sure only the spyware check is selected.
See how you go after doing this.

Hey Crunchie,

Thanks for the reply, the problem seem to sort out once I cleared the cache, I have however downloaded all the software you recommended and loaded it up for future preventions, thanx again mate......:cheesy:

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