I have the Dell R17 i5 laptop and never in my life have I seen a pc with this much 'junk' on it....maybe I've been lucky. But I build my own desktops, and this Dell is a weird 'animal' my 17 inch HP laptop wasn't this bad.

Doesn't anyone know what can be safely removed from all of Dell's junk?

I have got rid of the games that were on there. But there has to be more that can go.


if you got recovery dvd with it or made your own when you first got it up and running ,use it to reinstall win7 ,and don't install the software disk ,it like came with one or prompted you to make one when making the recovery disk ,
or just go to add and remove program and remove all software programs you don't want ,most are only trials anyway,not really sure what all Dell puts on new machines .

Thanks for helping, when I see all the Dell junk on it, and all the trial versions it makes me want to scream....do the pc manufactures make a load of money adding all this?

I wish they would stop and sell a nice clean machine....wishful thinking ;)

I have the disks made, and now wondering whether to use my 7 disk home premium I bought for the desktop.


yes they do make money from having it there , your better of installing the disk you made for the laptop as it will have all the necessary drivers

Thank you