hello guys, i really have a problem in my laptop.... whenever i tried to open NetBeans IDE, a blue screen then appears with some messages in there...then it will reboot...then i go to the disk manager then storage, i could not found any hard drives in the list...the fact that there are 3 partitions... when i un.installed netbeans ide, still the same....when i tried to reformat and re.install Windows 7, there is an error telling Windows could not find any hard drives in the system....

can you please help me guys....thanx,
Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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Have you go into BIOS setup and check whether it detect any hard disk. Upon power on your laptop and press Del key or whatever key it show to go to BIOS setting. From there set it as default and than save and exit. Than boot up again and see if its work.


i've gone to ROM Setup but I could not find the devices in my laptop...Im using Windows 7 now...Its a bit different from Win XP where you can view the name or manufacturer of the HDD... but I could not find the name or manufacturer of the devices in ROM/BIOS Setup....


Maybe you can unplug the hard disk and try it on another computer to see whether it is still working.

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