Having probs I've never encountered before, despite setting up countless wireless networks!!

Have NTL Bband in UK. Have wireless router.

Router has MAC address filter but all pcs are on the list. DHCP servers are correct as are DNS on all pcs. Firewalls on all pcs, but only the XP ones that im sure arent causing this problem.

All pcs running Win XP and IE6.

My pc works just fine with wireless connection. (msngr signs in and out when it feels like it, always has tho!)

1 pc wont load any web pages. Lan settings correct and wirless signal just fine. :evil:

1 pc will connect as and when it feels like it. Keeps loosing signal and some pages wont load. Again wireless connection fine when it does this. :cry:

All have same settings as my pc so they really should be connecting just fine!! All will happily ping router and DNS servers.

Any ideas?!!! HELP!! :eek:

All in final uni year and others really want interent working!!!!!!

Thanx xx

1. Drop your firewalls while troubleshooting, regardless of whether or not you think they have nothing to do with the problems. One less variable is one less variable.

2. If possible, connect the problematic machines via Ethernet as a test. IOW, determine if the problems are only related to WiFi, or not.

3. Do the page-load problems occur only with one browser, or do any/all web browsing programs exhibit the problems?

4. Do your system and/or application logs hold any clues? Open the Event Viewer utility in your Administrative Tools folder to view the logs; look for entries indicating network-related warnings or errors.