I'm running a WindowsNT 2000 server to several Windows XP Pro user stations. The problem I'm having is with one, and one only, user. Every few days the main F&I program we use off the server cannot be accessed with his signon/profile. Because of the nature of his job, I usually give a limited permission for him to use another's signon/profile. When I go back to fix his problem, I find that he has more than one instance running at the same time (usually 3). It used to be that I could fix the problem by simply changing his logon password, which then updated his profile, and voila. That stopped working, so I began resetting his profile, which worked for a time. Now, even after completely deleting him as a user from both his workstation and the server, and then reinstating him, he can log on to his workstation, but can't access the network. I know that the logon script is not running for some reason, but everywhere I know how to check says that everything is in good order. Double checking settings against a known user with no problems shows no discrepancies. Now, I'm wary of even giving limited permissions for him because the same symptoms are starting to show on another's profile.



Is your problem related to one computer or one user account ??

Well, it was related to 3 specific users 99% of the time. However, it is now a moot point. Upon further research deeper into the server, I discovered that the company had paid for a certain number of licenses, but only half were activated. I corrected that mistake, and voila'. No problems with anyone logging in to either a) the network, and b) the specific programs we use. I appreciate anyone who replied to try to fix this, but it is taken care of now.


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