I'm brand new to this site and can't figure out how to use it. I hope you can help. For instance, where do I find the forums?

I have a question about saving a WORD document I created in WORD 2000 and which I want to put on a floppy and send it to someone who doesn't have WORD on their computer. They use Word Pad.

How can they open this document I created? And, in what format should I save it to a floppy. ( Rich text format *.rtf ? , document template *.dot ?,etc )

Saving it in Word documnent *.doc probably won't let them open it since theyt don't have my version 2000 of WORD { or any version of Word, for that matter }

Can you help or direct me to where I might get help with this ? or show me how to use this HELP site ? or tell me where I can go to find out how to use this HELP site ?

Thanks !!!



You've got two really viable options. First, with your document loaded up in Word, go to your File menu, select "Save As" and save the file as Rich Text Format (.rtf). It will save 90% of your formatting, including tables.

The second option is to have your friend go to the Microsoft website and download the Word 97-2000 Viewer (If that link doesn't work, go to downloads and search on viewers for Word.)

A third option is to go to this site and download their free PDF converter and "print" the file in PDF format. They'll need to have Acrobat Reader to read it, but it completely preserves all your formatting. They won't be able to edit the document, tho, just read it.

So ... it depends on what they want/need the file for.

Good luck!

Saving it as .DOC format will allow the document to be opened in Wordpad. Wordpad can read and write .DOC files, but does not provide all the formatting and other features. The freebie program was designed with non-Word users in mind, to enable them to access Word document files ;)