Ok I just put in 2 new sticks of this 2gb memory for my computer:


But when I installed it when I first booted up my computer on the bootscreen it gave me this message:

"Serial Presence Detect device data missing or inconclusive. Properly programmed SPD decive is required for reliable operation. DDR 333 mhz memory assumed at slowest timings."

What does it mean?? I just took out my old RAM and installed this and now it gives me this message. I have 4 open RAM slots with 2gb maximum on the MOBO but I only use two since its channel and the thing still gives me this message, what do I do?

I just want to set my RAM at 400MHZ and set the timings at 3-4-4-8. I dont care about overclocking or any of that...just yet :p How can I access the BIOS screen to manually set it if my computer won't do it for me?

Heres a few of my system specs...if it helps...and i blanked out all sensitive data -_-

Operating System:
Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2 (build 2600)

System Model:
Sony Corporation VGC-RB30
System Serial Number: xxx
Asset Tag: xxx
Chassis Serial Number: xxx
Enclosure Type: Desktop

Processor a:
3.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium 4
16 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache

Main Circuit Board b:
Board: Intel Corporation D915GRO xxx
Serial Number: xxx
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: Intel Corp. EV91510A.xxx

197.47 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
186.13 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space


Maxtor 6Y200M0 [Hard drive] (203.92 GB) -- drive 0
Sony CF Reader USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 2
Sony MS Reader USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 1
Sony SD/MMC Reader USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 4
Sony SM/xD Reader USB Device [Hard drive] -- drive 3

Memory Modules c,d:
2048 Megabytes Installed Memory
Slot 'J6G1' has 1024 MB
Slot 'J6G2' is Empty
Slot 'J6H1' has 1024 MB
Slot 'J6H2' is Empty

Hope it helps....

I would --really-- like to get this solved ASAP. :cheesy:

Of the top of my head, I would put the two modules side by side. J6G1/2

Can I have more specific help please? Changing the RAM slots around doesnt help. I just want to access the BIOS and set the settings manually there, but I dont know how...

BIOS setup pages are accessed by pressing a certain key (or keys) just as the computer starts to boot up. The exact key varies between BIOS makes/versions, but some common keys are F1, F2, Del, and Esc.

Look at your startup screen just after you power on the computer; you may see a message which says: "Hit F1 to enter setup" or something similar. If your BIOS/boot messages are hidden by a startup logo, try hitting Esc to bypass the logo and view the BIOS screen.

OK I can access it by pressing F2 on the boot screen. Now, I don't want the RAM's MHZ and timings set by the computer, since it says they are at the slowest possible. I want to manually set it, how can I do that?

I want it set at 3-4-4-8 and at 400MHZ.

I'll have to look further into the specifics of your mobo and RAM sticks tomorrow, but I'll bet the RAM modules you have are not entirely/fully compatible with the mobo, hence the SPD error.

The PQI RAM I got is pc3200, 184 PINN, DDR RAM. Which was what my last set of 256x2 RAM was...

I mean, its still showing in my 'system' menu on the control panel that I have 2gb of RAM, so its compatible, but I guess the computer itself is just setting the MHZ and timings the lowest they can go?

Doesnt ANYBODY know whats wrong with my RAM? :sad:

i couldn't find your board anywhere on the intel site, much less find a list of compatible memory sticks for you. i looked around on the pqi site, and they sound prettty proud of thier products. i suggest e-mails to both companies, explaining your problem, and go from there. It sounds like an incompatiblity issue to me, but there's no proving that without one of the two saying a definite yes or no.