I am running Windows XP and keeping quite current on the updates.

I was cleaning up my system and running some spyware tools 0 Spybot, Adaware and had been trying to resolve some network issues.

After I had finished I tried to start IE and could not get a window opened up. I went thru a number of steps to resolve the problem including editing the registry per the MS troubleshooting information with no luck. Of course you can't just remove and reinstall the software and I was unable to find a hammer big enough to forcibly delete the code and reinstall.

When I did try to reinstall I received a message stating the code being installed was older than the code already installed and the install halted. Downloading SP1 didn't work and I am reluctant to reinstall from my CD unless all else fails. I have rebuilt my system once already in the last 6 months.

It finally twigged that IE was still working when I went to the windows update page from the control panel. I then tried to open up explorer using the Run As option on in the context menu. Two surprises... 1 - there is still an administrator user defined on my system ( I thought I had removed it) and two, when I switch to those "credentials" IE runs along merrily. It would seem to be a privelge issue but I can't seem to sort it out.

Any Suggestions...

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Hwebstre you just try to uninstall IE6 from controll panel>add remove programs.
After that just install IE6 with using microsoft updates or with using CD.
I hope this will help you.



I have removed and added IE via control panel, edited the registry and forced an install however this behaviour remains...

Seems very unusual..


you just go to start>run>and type cmd.
at the command prompt locate the cd rom drive and insert the cd named XP pro. Usually it may be E: and run the command SFC /SCANNOW after compleating this command Run SFC /QUIET.
I hope it will help you



This is a known problem by MS and they have released a patch KB946627 (file WindowsXP-KB946627-x86-Eng.exe) to solve the problem. One can manually solve the problem by just changing one Registry value. Visit MS website for detailed explanation.

After application of patch my IE has been working for a while. What I've noticed is that even afer applying the patch - periodically - same behaviour is exhibited. Then if you run the patch once again - IE starts working (like it happened today - i clicked on IE twice and saw it in currently running programs in Task Manager but it would not come up on screen. so I killed IE in Win Task Manager and run the patch and then clicked on IE and it came up on screen).

I'm looking for a permanent soln. Any ideas? I've a feeling that running this patch with admin previledge would solve the issue. i've not tried the same as i've disabled 'admin' a/c. But i've run it several times using admin equivalent a/c and i get above mentioned behaviour

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