Impossible to open a file (from cd or downloaded) with a name written in different language as european, for example chinese, japanese or korean.
I can't open, rename or even erase! Is it impossible to deal with non-latin script files under windows Me?
Anyone can help me~?

Check the Regional/Language options in the control panel. Use the drop down list to select a different language. Does that work?

I did, I can even change Internet Explorer completly in chinese, japanese or korean. Write and read mails in those languages, but file system.... Impossible (T_T)

It might just be a limitation of Windows. If you want to have the file system in those languages, then buy a Chinese/Japanese/Korean verson of Windows (instead if the English version).

So I need to buy three operating systems... and make a multiboot. Or buy a new computer with XP (easier but expensive). Thank you Bill Gate

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