Hi, this is my new problem. this computer is compaq presario. i got this when windows 98 first came out. it has 64 memory and 8gb of harddrive space.i was struggling when i was installin windows xp pro on that comp. finally i got it done. now the problem is, i installed linksys. it says its connect to the association point but the internet wasnt found. and its ip address is last time i installed windows xp english adition on it, it works fine. wut would be the problem and how can i fix it. do i have to use phone line or the original dsl line. but i want to use linksys and connect to my connection becuz its far away from that router. helps needed and will be appreciated.


To be honest, I would return that computer to Windows 98. With only 64 MB of memory, you are really going to suffer in performance, perhaps to the point that drivers will not load properly, and I would be really surprised if you get anything to work on that computer.

Upgrade the RAM first, and then let's go forward from there.


well, the problem was only the linksys. the ip addresswasnt found. i dont think low in ram will cause the linksys to not find the ip adress.

but do u think gettin win98 would make the wireless connection find the p adress with linksys and connect to the internet?