OS: WinXP Pro SP1
Version: MS Outlook 2003 SP1

When using Outlook 2003 when I go into see Free/Busy in an Exchange environment I am able to see others Busy time and when I hover my pointer over somone's Busy time it brings up what they are doing during that time in a pop up box.

I can go into Tools > Optioins > Calendar Options > Planner Options under Meeting Planner and uncheck Show pop up calendar details but this is only client side.

The situation I have is an Exec. VP who doesn't want others to see what he's doing when they hover over his Busy time when they are trying to schedule him for a meeting.

How can I disable this feature so that others will be unable to view his Busy time?

Thanks so much!

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Unfortunately, I have not been able to resolve this issue.
Any help?



I have run into the same problem but on a larger scale. Not only can our Exec's meeting details can be seen by anyone, so can most users.

Has anyone found a fix for this?

Outlook 2003 SP1 on XP SP2


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