I can make a program fire up at start up by dragging it to the start-menu->programs->startup-folder.

This program needs one of the windows services to be able to function correctly. Occasionally, at boot, this program experiences a problem that is somewhat specific to that required service (which is set to automatic) not being available.

I was wondering if this issue could be caused by the "startup" execution of the program getting started and requiring the service before the service has had a chance to start.

Is there a way to cause a program to start up after a delay to give the service a chance to get up and running?

I think you are looking for this little freeware :)

Hey, that's pretty cool. Thanks!

I'm trying to find a way to do it with just the OS so I don't have to add any more software (especially third party) but if I can't then this looks like it will work great.

It's either that or code a sleep/wait command into the software that's starting up to make it chill for a bit.