Hello, my other laptop, which is running a 32bit Windows 7 OS, has recently stopped working. My dad was the last person to use the computer and he told me he didn't install any new programs, visit any site he shouldn't have or change anything.
All the laptop does is get to the Windows 7 load screen and then crashes and displays the blue screen of death. I tried using another version of Windows 7, Ultimate 64bit, to get it to system restore but it doesn't seem to be-able to.

What could the problem be? I have also tried the; memory diagnostic tool, repair your PC option, run it on safe mode, run it on last successful boot as well as tried to reinstall 7 by through the upgrade option - even though I don't believe the laptop is capable of running a 64bit edition.

What's the problem?

It looks like the error in ur registry because of invalid registry errors so make ur registry error fix by using reg in out registry cleaner

Hello, yeah I have done some research and i came to the same conclusion - in order to run the registry clean tool I'll need to load that program from an external hard drive - (it won't get any where past the load screen, as I have already mentioned)

Would you happen to know how I would get it to run the program from the external hard drive, after specifying the boot sequence's first priority would be the external hard drive?

Right - update here - I removed the hard drive from the laptop in order to recover the files stored on it. I placed it in an existing caddy and attached it to my Mac; it didn't work, attached it to home PC, didn't work. I swapped out the HD with another to make sure the caddy was working - it worked although it uses the IDE instead of the SATA HD of the laptop.

My conclusion - the hard drive is gone. So what you think now?

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