I just reformatted and reinstalled XP pro onto two 20GB WD's RAID-0'd I also have an 80G Maxtor as my backup. A7N8X Deluxe rev. 1.4. AMD 1400 512 MB PC2100. Before the reformat I d/l'd ALL the new drivers and files; nForce2 v.3.13, BIOS v.1007, GeForce v.50.03, etc....

Here's the deal. My sound wont work in surround now. I've done nothing as far as speaker connections to the mobo. Infact by using the nForce control panel applet I can tweek speaker and output settings, and I've set everything just the way it was before the reformat. When I click the "Test Sound" button, all four speakers sound off like they're supposed to (Left, Right, Left-surround, Right-surround), but Windows sounds and Musicmatch are not in surround.

Here's the real weird thing... Windows Media Player IS IN SURROUND!!! To bad I hate WMP... I've done all the obvious; like Window's system volume control and speaker setup, Musicmatch's output setups, etc...

Any Ideas???


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