Hi all,

My sister just called and told me that all files she copied to my external storage have disappeared. I've Googled up file recovery but most of the sites mentioned the files being deleted and emptied from the Recycle Bin. So in my circumstances, is it possible to perform recovery or some sort (either from her laptop or the hard disk itself)? Since she didn't delete but just cut-and-paste them.

Thanks in advance for your help :)


the easiest way i know is with purchased software. i had a similiar situation and purchased a program for like 40 dollars that restored everything that was deleted off of a thumb drive.

unfortunatily.. i can no remember the name of the program that i used.

dont perform any activity on the drive until you recover the data. activity will perminatly remove the data. (atleast increase the chance)

try this program



No need to purchase anything.


What type of external drive as I have seen some have USB faults and worked via SATA connection.

Let me know the model an dspec of harddrive and does she see the harddrive e.g D: drive etc?

Bal, I have this exact external drive:

I think she did see the hard drive since she was able to open it and found all the other files in it, but not hers.

And since you mentioned there could be USB faults, is it okay if I were to use HDMI and eSATA ports as alternatives?

You don't think it's possible to perform recovery from her laptop, do you?


Is it possible the files could just be hidden? I have noticed that on occasion when I run the command

robocopy d:\ t:\d-drive /e /r:0 /purge

(which is how I back up my internal d drive to my external t drive) that the d-drive folder on the external disappears until I do

attrib t:\d-drive -s -h

so perhaps the files are there but are flagged as hidden. Possibly not but it's better to check before you go into recovery mode.

My sis went on and formatted her laptop. The files are still nowhere to be found. It's a loss but she seems to be okay with it. So thanks for the help guys. I will sure consider your options if this was to happen again.


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