I'm trying to download a demo version of PSPICE from a CD that I got from my analogue electronics text book. It's not downloading. The setup file is called setup.exe *32. Does that mean that it's 32 bit? Does it mean that I can't run it on a 64 bit system?

In the task manager, its description reads, "32-bit Setup Launcher". Is this why I can't download it on my 64-bit system?

No, a 64 bit computer also can run a 32 bit downloaded stuff. The 64 bit is only more faster than a32 bit. In some cases the 64 bit computer can't run a 32 bit stuff. Have you try other 32 bit software, can they be run. If yes that means there is something wrong with the 32 bit software you want to run. Yeah setup* 32 stand for 32 bit.

ok, thanks. do you know of any reason why this might not be downloading then?

The file type might not be supported in the 64 bit system

Try downloading from another site.

The file type might not be supported in the 64 bit system

It's a .exe *32. Is there any reason why that wouldn't be supported?

Try downloading from another site.

I'm downloading from a CD. I'm thinking that maybe it's not compatible with Windows 7. The book was printed in 2004 and the CD is copywrite 2002.

Still try from a site.

Try copy/pasting the file from the CD to the HD and running it from there.

Agreed with crunchie above. Is this the first time you are using the cd

I think what happened was this:
The setup file needed certain files to be in the same directory as itself, however these files didn't download there. In at least one case, there was already a file with the same name in that directory. After I fixed this, the error message told me that it wasn't compatible with Windows 7, so I need to find a newer copy.

Thanks for your help.