I have windows vista but for some reason over the past few weeks i cant bring up internet explorer. can anyone advise please


Hi Jim,

It sounds like some bugs are stopping it from loading.

I recommend running some virus/spyware scans. AVG does a good job of cleaning viruses and it's free.


And I recommend running Spybot Search & Destroy.


Select your country then click download on the right hand side, then download the latest package.

Run both of those and remove anything it finds.

Hope this helps.


I also had Windows Vista installed in my system but due to the difficulties I was facing I switched to Windows 7. Its a lot better than Vista. However, in your situation, I would recommend you to first reset your Internet settings to default or you can test your Internet Explorer in safe mode after disabling all add-ons.

Uper says is right!
I agree with you and support you!

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