I am running SBS 2003 SP2 and when I go to add a user using wizard, as soon as it launches, I get an error that states SBS add user wizard encountered a problem and needs to shut down. I went into the event viewer and the only error I seem to get is a .NET Runtime 2.0 error:

Faulting application addusr.exe, version 5.2.2651.0, stamp 3f5fb736, faulting module unknown, version, stamp 00000000, debug? 0, fault address 0x06739410.

Is there any other way to add a user or can I correct this error.


I am logged in as Admin.

I am not sure how to create a new user within Administrative Tools unless I am in Computer Management which only uses the wizard that won't open.

Ok, I'm looking at one of my 2003 SBS servers...

The way I add new users is the following

- Start>All Programs>Administrative Tools>Active Directory Users And Computers(being that its an SBS server, I am going to assume that you are running AD)

- Browse down to My Business container >Users > SBS Users... Right click in any open space and click New.

This should prompt you then to create a new user which is a bit of a work around to your issue.

I've been reading that issues like this may pop up if you have a failed SP1 install... Can you verified this was updated properly?


I will look into this on monday. I know it is not running SP1 and it is on SP2 or 3 now, I can't remember. I think SP1 installed under automatic updates if I remember correctly.

Server is running SP2.

I was able to add user using your method, thanks.

I will try the DEP setting in the morning before everyone gets in being that I have to restart the server.

Are there any adverse effects in changing that DEP setting? What about for programs I am running on the server? I am just concerned that I might mess up something else by trying to fix this.