I am running Windows Vista. I am trying to run a .py file, but the computer says it doesn't
know what program to run it with. So, I clicked 'Choose Default Program', then I found
'python.exe' and clicked it. But 'python.exe' didn't show up in the 'Choose Default Program'

I have been working on this for the past day (starting second day :S) and I would love to
get this over with. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I've checked the 'Other Programs' tab every time.

- WolfShield

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hi, first let me say i don't do programing so i dont have Phython.exe
but would assume that if you do ,then open the phyton.exe program ,and if its anything like most other windows programs, go to File /open and direct it to the .py file you want to open .

I can't see your image but it does not method. Like capperjack i don't do programming as i am only interested in hardware problems. Every file should have a default software to open it. Since yours does not work, under the dafault app, below should have a few more software you can open the file with. Try those

First thin gs first, you say that you have been trying to use/ run a .py file and you cannot locate the program on your PC?

Have you installed the Python software prior to this? If so then you should be able to locate it and it should open the file for you.

I am leaning towards the idea that you do not have the software installed on your PC to use this file in the python programming language.

Simply go to this link and download the free software you require and you should be good to go.


Hope this helps you.


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