Hi, I'm new to these forums and I cannot connect to the internet via my Linksys WRT54G router to my laptop. Does anyone have any suggestions? Your help is much appreciated.

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Are you trying to connect wired or wirelessly? What actually happens when you try to connect?

I get a local area connection only and it does not allow me to connect to the internet wirelessly.

You still haven't said if it's wired or wireless!

Sorry I just edited my post, it's wireless.

Do you get the same thing happen if you connect wired?

No, just wireless. And it only happens with this linksys router too.

In that case, it's most likely to be a problem with the router rather than the computer. Do you have the manual for the router?

Just reset the modem and router. Linksy have a reset button at the back, just take a pen go to the back hold down the button for 5 seconds, you will see the first 3 lights of the modem blinking or flashing. ( Both the same anyway )

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